Create a new Rule

Create a rule to receive alerts in real-time.

Rules are a configurable way to receive real-time notifications about the APIs your application is consuming.

Add a new Rule

To get started, navigate to the Rules page in the Bearer Dashboard.


Here you can view existing rules and create a new one. Select the "Add Rule" button to create a new rule.

Add rule

Configure the Rule

When adding a new rule, you can select a single API or apply the rule to all APIs that Bearer is tracking.

Select the notification threshold type that suits your needs. You can select between average latency, error rate, or consumption. Enter the latency (in milliseconds) for latency, the rate (as a percentage) for error rate, or the usage counter (as a number) for consumption.

Next, choose the time window. The time window determines how the values you have set will be interpreted. For example: Setting a usage value that reaches 1000 over 5 minutes will only notify you of usage at or above 1000 in a 5 minute time window.

Choose a notification method

Bearer Rules currently support email, Slack, and webhook notifications. Select your notification type and enter the required information.

Notification types

For more on how to configure each notification type, see our Rules documentation.

Select an Environment and Name

Next, select the environments that the rule will apply to.

Environment Selection

Finally, assign the rule a name and select "Save."

Your new rule is all set. Once triggered, an incident will be created on the Incidents page.

For more on configuring rules, take a look at the Rules documentation: