Getting Started

How does Bearer work?

To quickly build integrations, Bearer provides an open-source framework, integration clients, and a platform to run them.


Using the framework, most of the integration boilerplate code is taken care of out-of-the-box, so you can focus on your business logic. Once the API authentication is configured, all you need to do is build your functions to query & transform the API.

Your functions are then automatically exposed as secured and documented Open API 3 endpoints.

Using the framework, Integrations becomes super-clean dedicated microservices.

Integration Clients

Functions you build are integrated into your app using our integration clients, available for both server-side (NodeJS, Ruby, etc.) and client-side (Javascript, React) apps. Every integration you build will use the same exact integration clients, abstracting all the specificities of the APIs and leaving your app as clean as possible.


Once your integrations are ready, you can deploy them on our platform. By acting as an integration runtime, Bearer does all the heavy lifting to scale, secure, monitor and log your Integrations.

We also manage your API credentials, authentication flow and webhooks.

Quick Start