Explore the Dashboard

Bearer provides a complete dashboard to monitor and manage your API usage.


The entry point into the dashboard is the Monitoring screen. It provides a high level overview of the state of your application's API usage. Here, you can view application-wide metrics

You can read more about the Monitoring screen here:

Applications and Environments

The Bearer Dashboard allows you to monitor multiple applications and environments from a single account.

You can read more about adding apps and changing environments here:


The APIs screen allows you to view all APIs that the Bearer Agent has observed.

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Anomalies are irregularities in your API integrations. Bearer can detect many anomalies automatically, and allows you to customize rules to detect specific anomalies.

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The remediations screen displays all of the remediations the Bearer agent has performed. Remediations are actions that the Bearer Agent takes to resolve or react to problems with an API integration. Remediations are determined by Remediation rules.

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All API requests are displayed in the Logs screen. Here you can view details about a request, its response, and more.

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The settings screen allows you to view and manage your application settings. This is also the place to retrieve secret keys, manage tags, and change an application's name.

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Account and Teams

Your account can be accessed by clicking your profile picture in the side navigation.

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