Explore the Dashboard

Bearer provides a complete dashboard to monitor and manage your API usage. You can learn more about each section of the dashboard by using the links in the sidebar to the left. Here is a brief overview of each section.


All APIs associated with your organization can be found in the APIs section. Here you can view quick metrics, filter and search, and manage newly detected APIs.

You can read more about the APIs section here:


Operations is the data-hub for all monitoring within your applications. You can view application and environment-level details about anomalies, remediations, and custom log collections.\

You can read more about Operations, including how to use anomalies, remediations, and log collections here:


The Integrations section of the dashboard is where you configure Bearer agents, create new applications, manage environments, and set up organization-wide notifications. This is also where you'll find your app key for configuring the Bearer agent.

Learn more about the Integrations section here:


The Settings section allows you to view and manage your organization-wide settings, add members to the organization, and manage your plan.

Learn more about the Setting section here:

Account settings

Your account can be accessed by clicking your profile picture in the top right of the dashboard.

Learn more about your Account settings here: