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Use Cases

API Provider (Be Integrated)

As an API Provider, being integrated is the obvious goal. For instance, if you are a SaaS vendor, integration is key to enable sales & partnership, therefore decreasing the time & cost involved to build Integration is crucial.

Bearer empowers API providers to create Integration Scenario of their application, ready to be distributed as plug and play configurable components, drastically decreasing the investment to Integrate with them.

In addition, most APIs are not business oriented and since they are managed by the core engineering team, it's highly complex to change and adapt them. With Bearer, Vendors get that abstraction layer needed to answer business needs without impacting their core engineering.

API Consumer (Integrate)

In a World of exponential application, building Integration through APIs becomes the standard and let developers focus on their core product instead of reinventing the wheel.

Bearer provides developers with the right tools & technology to easily build & run Integration at a fraction of the time and cost needed today.

Think about having Trello Power-Ups for your own app!

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