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Bearer Framework is built around NodeJS and the concept of Javascript Component.

If you have previous experience with ReactJS, VueJS or any other component style framework, you should feel right at home with Bearer. If you don't, that's a good way to start using modern Javascript in a controlled environment!

Bearer goal is to abstract most of the complexity involved in creating a Scenario - Scenario - A Scenario is an Integration feature through a Service (ex: Attach Github Pull Request information). For every services there might be many scenarios. , technology is a tool at the service of a product! Behind the Scenes, Bearer relies on Stencil from Ionic on top of a strong custom built a layer of abstraction.

With Bearer you will write TypeScript instead of vanilla Javascript, we are sure you are going to love it if you don't already!

Alongside the Framework, Bearer provides a CLI, generators, components, decorators, a local Web server and a UI Library. Easing your journey is our only job.

Platform (PaaS)

Bearer provides a PaaS dedicated to run & deliver Scenario built with our Framework, that way you won't have to worry about API authentication, scaling, security, logging and in general any related Ops.

The CLI provides a bearer deploy command making Scenario production ready in a minute (or less!).

The platform stack is currently hosted on AWS.

Open Source

Bearer Framework is Open Source (MIT) to encourage various usage. We want developers to be able to contribute and extend it as they please.

We'd love to see developers using Bearer Open Sourcing their scenario implementation, this is why we generate by default an MIT Licence when a Scenario is created.

More to come later on that topic!

What's Next

Let's go do some coding now!