Rate limiting

The Bearer Client has been deprecated. Below you'll find information on its usage, however, we suggest using the Bearer Agent for your API consumption and usage going forward.

Bearer uses rate limits to keep the infrastructure safe. The limits vary depending on the plan you've subscribed to, but are always counted on the same window of 60 seconds.

Rate Limits

Every API requests performed through Bearer are rate limited according to the following:


Rate Limit (API Calls)

Rate Limit Window



60 seconds



60 seconds



60 seconds

The limits apply per key, not per account. So requests performed with your Bearer Secret Key, are counted separately from the requests performed with your Bearer Publishable Key.

Rate Limits Window

Rate limits are counted per 60 seconds intervals.

HTTP Headers and Response codes

Bearer uses HTTP headers to make it easy to understand your API calls consumption, right from your application. Here are the headers sent alongside every response:

  • Bearer-RateLimit-Limit: The Rate Limit applied to the account

  • Bearer-RateLimit-Remaining: The remaining API calls before the end of the 60 seconds Rate Limit Window

  • Bearer-RateLimit-Reset: The number of seconds remaining before the Rate Limit gets reset

When you hit the Rate Limit, Bearer will fail and return a 429 Too Many Requests