API Clients

The Bearer API clients let you perform API calls, using Bearer features and technology.

The Bearer Client has been deprecated. Below you'll find information on its usage, however, we suggest using the Bearer Agent for your API consumption and usage going forward.

The Bearer universal API client is available in many languages (and more coming...). All of our API clients have the ability to call any APIs using the same syntax. In addition, some of them have additional features, such as:

  • Receive webhooks.

  • Add a connect button to trigger the OAuth flow.

  • Add a setup component to ask for a user's API credentials.

Here is a comparison of what Bearer features are supported in each language:







Calling APIs

API Authentication



Receiving webhooks

Connect Button

Setup component

Note: alongside theses languages, we provide an Express middleware (for Node.js), Rails support and React components.

Learn more about how to use Bearer in each language below: