Getting started with a new API

Learn how to add a new API on your Bearer account and start using it right away.

The Bearer Client has been deprecated. Below you'll find information on its usage, however, we suggest using the Bearer Agent for your API consumption and usage going forward.

To start using Bearer, sign in to the dashboard. Then, inside the APIs section, click on Add API:

Adding the Salesforce API through the dashboard

If the API you are looking for is already part of the API Hub, simply select it. Otherwise, you can add a custom API using the Configure a custom API link (learn how to add custom API).

When you've selected an API, it's instantly available into your account. You are also being redirected to a detailed instructions page that guides you on how to configure it. Most of the times, it means retrieving your API credentials (aka API key or OAuth credentials) to let Bearer perform requests on your behalf.

If you don't remember your API credentials, Bearer generally provides a link to where you'll find them on the API developer website.

Once you have the API credentials, copy/paste it on the instructions page, as below:

Instructions page to configure the Salesforce API

Then, install one of the Bearer clients in your app and start making API calls right away:

Instructions to make API calls to Salesforce API

Using the Bearer's client, each API calls is now logged and monitored in realtime. This will make things much easier to build amazing integrations 🚀

What's next? Learn more about how to get the most out of Bearer: