Manage your Application and Bearer's credentials

The settings screen allows you to manage your notifications, team and plan.


Bearer uses a system of organization-wide notifications. They are configured from the Notification section on the Settings screen.

Bearer currently supports email, Slack, and webhook notification types. Once configured here, you can activate each type for individual anomaly and remediation rules.


Organizations in Bearer allow you to work with members of your team to better manage your API usage. To invite a new member to your organization, select the Invite Member button from the Team section of the Settings page.


The Plan section provides an overview of your current plan quotas and progress. You can also view existing plan tiers, and upgrade or downgrade your plan.

Here you can see:

  • Your current API call quota.

  • The total and max application count.

  • The total and max user count.

  • The data retention duration. After the listed time frame, only aggregate metric data is kept.