Manage your Application and Bearer's credentials


The application settings page allows you to update the name of an application and delete the application.

Developer Keys

Each application in Bearer uses a unique key. Use the application switcher to select the desired application, then navigate to the Settings screen to view your Secret Key.

Secret Key

Your Bearer Secret Key is used to authenticate your application with Bearer when setting up the Bearer Agent. The Secret key is intended to used from server side only.

Your Secret Key must not be shared with anyone and never be exposed.


The Bearer Agent automatically detects the environment based on your configuration. You can view a list of all detected environments, adjust their color, and enable or disable their logging here.

New environments can be configured when setting up the agent. See the configuration settings for each agent for details on setting the environment name.


Tags are a great way to group APIs within your application. You can view an overview of all tags, their affected APIs, and remove tags from this section.


The notifications tab allows you to configure application-wide settings for a variety of notification types. Here you can set up

These notification types allow you to specify differing levels of control over anomalies and remediations within your application. To learn more about the webhook notification's payload, see our specification:


The Agents tab gives you insight into all the agents linked to the current application. You can see their versions, IP addresses, and status.