Bearer works across applications, languages, and environments. The Integrations screen is how you manage all the ways the Bearer dashboard connects to your applications and services.

The main integrations screen allows you to quickly browse applications by agent language, as well as set up your organization-wide notification settings.


To view existing applications, you can select an agent language or the All my applications link. You'll be presented with a list of all applications associated with your selection.

A view of only the applications associated with Ruby agents

Each application will display each detected environment, a count of the total detected APIs, and how many active agents have been detected for the environment. From here you can:

  • Create a new application by selecting the Add App button.

  • Go directly to the Operations view for the app and environment by selecting the Detected APIs count.

  • View the associated agents by selecting the Detected Agents count.

Configuring an application

Applications can be configured by selecting the Cog icon to the far right of the application name.

From the application settings you can:

  • Set the name of the application.

  • View the agent key used for authenticating with an agent.

  • Delete the application.

  • Configure environment-level settings.

  • Remove any unused tags.

Application Key

Your App key is unique to the selected application, but shared across all environments for that app.

Your App Key must not be shared and should never be exposed.

Environment Settings

Environments can be activated/deactivated and configured for the select application. You can also select a color from the color picker to associate it with the environment. If you'd prefer for environments to not be automatically detected by the Bearer agent, you can disable the toggle here as well.

To configure a specific environment, select the Settings link to the right of it's row.

This reveals a panel for configuring environment-wide settings.

Selecting the Log payloads of newly detected APIs is an easy way to set an environment-wide default for new APIs. If you'd prefer to set this on an API by API basis, disable the toggle.

Viewing detected agents

By selecting the detected agents link, you can view details about all agents associated with that environment.

Here, you can see the hostname, IP address, platform, version, and status.

This is a great way to ensure you're using the latest version of the Bearer agent across any services associated with your application. When configuring the environment, you can also choose to be notified if an outdated agent is detected.


Bearer uses a system of organization-wide notifications. They are configured from the Notification types on the Integrations screen.