Learn more about the APIs section of the Bearer dashboard

The APIs sections of the dashboard lists all your active APIs and let you add new one:

The APIs section of the dashboard

This page gives you some monitoring information (error rates, latency, etc.). If you want to have more information, have a look at the monitoring section.

Clicking on an API opens more information on it, including:

  • Instructions - how to call it using our API clients

  • Credentials - to let Bearer make API call on your behalf

  • Webhook - to configure a webhooks

  • Settings - for general information


Which APIs does Bearer support?

Bearer works with every APIs. The most famous and public ones have been pre-configured, saving our developers hours of configuration-time. But event private or secret APIs can be consumed through Bearer.

Does Bearer handle the authentication with APIs?

Yes. Bearer supports in its core the APIs credentials management with the following authentication methods API Key, OAuth2, OAuth1, Basic. So you don't have to include that logic into your codebase.

How to add a new API?

On the top-right of the page, click on "Add API". A panel shows on your right. Select the API you want to use or configure a custom one if it's not in the list.

Adding the Salesforce API

I've added an API. Now, how to use it?

From the APIs section, click on the API you want to make request to. The Instructions page of that API shall now appear. That page will guide you step by step on how to make API call.

How to change the credentials of an API?

From the APIs section, click on the API you want to change credentials. Then click on the "Credentials" tab (in the top banner). Depending on the API authentication method, you will have to provide credentials.

Bearer makes its best to reference where you can find your API credentials on the API developer website. Most of the time a link will redirect you to the right page. Sometimes we also provide a video.

If you don't see any hint and can't find your credentials, feel free to reach us and will take the time to guide you. We know how hard some API provider can hide that info.

How many APIs can I add to my Bearer account?

You can add as much APIs as you want. Pick one from our list or add a custom one.

I'm looking for an API but I can't find it in Bearer's list

You can still add it to your Bearer account. Just follow the guide on how to add a custom API. Also feel free to reach us so that we can add this API in priority. We are adding new ones every week.

Can I save multiple credentials for the same API?

Yes! Have a look to our setup component. This is pretty useful if you are looking for a way to retrieve the credentials of your own customers (e.g. to create a marketplace of integrations on your own service).

Does Bearer support webhooks?

Bearer supports webhooks at its core and each API can be configured with webhooks. Learn more about webhooks here.