What is Bearer?

Bearer provides a universal API client to call any API in 2 minutes with out-of-the-box managed authentication and log monitoring.

Using Bearer, you can: - Call any API with a single API client - Handle API authentication automatically - Manage & rotate API credentials in one click - Transform & extend APIs with custom functions - Get detailed logs on every API call - Monitor API usage

Some of the benefits of Bearer: - Keep your codebase clean by avoiding creating technical debt by using many API clients - Focus on your business logic instead of the technicality of every APIs - Understand your API usage at a glance

At the end of the day, Bearer helps you work faster with APIs 🚀

With Bearer, you always keep control of the API you consume as well as your business logic.

How does Bearer work?

Bearer is both an API client that you can use to call any APIs inside your app, as well as a SaaS application, through its Dashboard, to manage and monitor your APIs usage.

Under the hood, Bearer acts as a transparent proxy between your app and APIs and takes care of the hard things for you (authentication, credential, logging etc.).

Either you integrate with 1 or 100 APIs in your app, with Bearer you will always end up with only 1 API client and have 1 API Key in your app.