What is Bearer

Bring the power of Bearer to your application

Bearer gives you all the tools you need to monitor, track performance, detect anomalies, and fix issues with your critical APIs. We cover the essentials so you can focus on the data and save precious development time.

With Bearer, you always know how the APIs you consume are performing.

Bearer is:

  • A monitoring agent that provides observability for your outgoing API calls and remediates API anomalies that may occur.

  • A comprehensive dashboard that allows you to discover anomalies, monitor performance, receive alerts and discover more about the APIs your application relies on.

Some of the benefits of Bearer:

  • API Monitoring: Discover your dependency on APIs and track their performance.

  • Anomaly Detection: Gain insight into problems, see detailed logs, and receive alerts in real-time whenever a problem occurs.

  • Automated Remediation: React to anomalies automatically through configurable remediations that enable API usage at scale.

At the end of the day, Bearer helps make your application more reliable when it comes to APIs 🚀.

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To start using Bearer, sign in to the Bearer Dashboard. If you are new to Bearer, you'll be prompted to Sign Up and set up the Agent.

Learn more about our core features

With the Bearer Agent installed, you can take advantage of all that the Bearer Dashboard has to offer. Use the power of Bearer to set up notifications, remediations, and more.

Curious about how Bearer works?

Consuming APIs doesn't have to make your app unreliable. Explore more about what Bearer can do for your app, and your business.