What is Bearer?

Bearer provides a framework to build Integrations and a platform to host & monitor them.

Building Integration is more than consuming an API, it's about adapting it to your App requirements (data model etc.) which often turns into messy & unmaintainable code. By design, Integrations built with Bearer are microservices gluing APIs to your app, helping follow the best practices to keep your app clean and teddy.

Using Bearer, you are able: - Consume any API in minutes - Map API endpoints to your app model - Integrate into your code with one line - Deploy and Scale without fuss - Monitor every API call - Manage your integrations

Here are some benefits to this approach: - Integrations are much faster and cleaner to build - They don't mess up with your codebase and avoid creating technical debt - Your front-end can safely and directly consume APIs

With Bearer, you always keep in control of the API you consume as well of your business logic.

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